Thursday, October 8, 2009

Optic Blast!!

Hey guys,

Heres the Final Coloured Cyclops for the X-Men team shot.

Im still making tweaks and adjustments here and there,especially after seeing some of the latest X-Men issues,so itll be interesting to see how this ends up :)


Cyclops (c) Marvel Comics

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Optic Blast!

Hi guys,here are the ruffs and inks for Cyclops as he'll appear in my X-Men team pic.


Cyclops (c) Marvel Comics

Sunday, October 4, 2009

X marks the spot ... again

Welcome back to part 2 of the X-men Hiflyer style:

Rounding out the team is Nightcrawler,Shadowcat and of course Storm.Now I know Shadowcat wasnt in Giant Size X-men and didnt come into until later but this is my blog so tough:)

In an effort to keep each character to one colour I was stuck when I realised Colossus and Nightcrawler both shared red and thought purple was a good colour to fall back on...that and I always wondered why a guy that could become nearly invisible in shadows wore a costume with bright red and white on it...

Anyway,the colours for Shadowcat and Storm are pretty classic self explanatory choices,with Shadowcat getting the the classic trainging suit yellow gloves and a flared neckline although I might opt for a different colour further down the line...maybe a green...Storm retains her key looks with a cape and knee highs incorporated into the pants and as she is a bit older than Kitty and probably more confident she gets to show off more skin...that and it always bugged me that whilst being claustrophobic,Storm always ended up with form fitting chokers,capes and necklines that would make it harder for her to breathe.

I have a team shot waiting for me on the drawing board so I better get back to it.

Let me know what you think.


X-Men (c) Marvel Comics

X marks the spot

Hi guys,

After a long absence,im finally back to updating my blog,so without further delay I present part 1 of The X-Men Hiflyer style:

The X-Men have long been a favourite of mine and the Giant Size X-men era team was definitely the best incarnation IMO.

So what better way to show my love than to redesign their costumes!

I have always been a fan of a matching team look with customised touches here and there for the older chracters.The biggest problem was to come up with something that didnt rely too heavily on one particular style,but stayed homage to the teams legacy and yet could still differ slightly from person to person.I am an also a huge fan of Alex Ross so there is definitely some influence there from his unused movie designs.

Wolverine keeps his trademark mask and receives the brown treatment this time around, as yellow never really worked for a ninja trained mutant super agent...Cyclops gets the basic outfit and classic colourway with a jacket as a personal touch and Colossus gets a costume reminiscent of his second sleeveless outfit with a touch of knee high boots on the pants.

Ill be adding the rest of the team soon with a few changes here or there as I go.

Let me know what you think.


X-Men (c) Marvel Comics

Monday, July 27, 2009

Spectrum Is Green

As you can probably tell by now,I enjoy revisiting characters I loved growing up and give them a bit of a makeover.

Next on my list is the Indestructible Captain Scarlet,the Mysterious Captain Black and err... Captain Blue.

This one proved quite difficult as the Spectrum uniform was very hard to improve,the hat being the only thing that needed a drastic update...and maybe the shoulder pads.I stuck with the general design and trimmed the fat a bit.I cant say I remember any Agent use that horizontal zipper pocket on their vests,so that had to goand I gave the undershirt and pants a knitted mesh texture to help differentiate it from the vest.The hat is now less a drivers hat and more of a helmet and the cuffs on the sleeves replace the Spectrum logo cuffs with a more functional watch/pda feeling to them.

The great thing about the costume,just like the show,is that a simple recolour here and there and you end up with a whole bunch of characters.

I also came up with a few alternate designs that I hope to have finished soon.

This is the first set of pics Ive worked on completely digitally;usually I draw and scan and then colour,however I thought Id give it a go this time,so let me know what you think.


Captain Scarlett (c) ITC Entertainment

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I recently got a glimpse of the upcoming GIJOE:Rise of Cobra movie and I gotta say,it could be the best worst movie of the year or worst best movie of the year.

Either way,Im just happy that Snake-Eyes looks wicked and mildly miffed that Storm Shadow is being played by a Korean dude with hair appeal.

In light of this,Ive had some Cobra redesigns floating around my head that needed to get out;the first of which is my streamlined Cobra Commander.

From left,Field Commander,Hooded Commander and Crimson Commander

I always thought Cobra Commander would be quite an eccentric character who liked a good dose of pomp and cicrumstance mixed with a bit menace,so I devised a simple Cobra motif that ties in with his whole costume and provides a sleek military look that can be easily dressed up or down.

The Field Commander has the classic helmeted look,but one that more closely resembles the old Cobra B.A.T. as the the metal cowl never really made much sense to me.

The standard Hooded Commander features more a classic Cobra colour scheme that suits more day to day use.

And finally,the Crimson Commander;for those much needed parades and Crimson Guard rallys.


Cobra Commander (c) Hasbro

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Superman through the ages

As part of my folio,in another "stroke of pure genius" I reimagined the top tier DC Comics Super-heroes in an alternate "Ultimate" universe where I could strip them back of years of continuity and start afresh in a manner that made sense(to me at least).

The first to get such treatment was of course Superman.As he was the first Superhero in the DC continuity of the time,he was the greatest inspiration for many if not all of the DC Superheroes that followed him.In order to redesign his classic costume into one that could be instantly recognisable and still transcend his famous look,I decided to do up a gallery of his suits from throughout his history.

From left,First Appearance,Golden Age and Fleischer

From left,Silver Age,Modern Age,Kingdom Come

From left,Regeneration Suit,Superman Blue and Superman Red.

From left,Superman Animated,Justice Lord and JLU

Three of my own designs,essentially filling in the design gaps between the Animated and JLU suits with my personal favourite in the middle.


Superman (c) DC Comics