Sunday, October 4, 2009

X marks the spot

Hi guys,

After a long absence,im finally back to updating my blog,so without further delay I present part 1 of The X-Men Hiflyer style:

The X-Men have long been a favourite of mine and the Giant Size X-men era team was definitely the best incarnation IMO.

So what better way to show my love than to redesign their costumes!

I have always been a fan of a matching team look with customised touches here and there for the older chracters.The biggest problem was to come up with something that didnt rely too heavily on one particular style,but stayed homage to the teams legacy and yet could still differ slightly from person to person.I am an also a huge fan of Alex Ross so there is definitely some influence there from his unused movie designs.

Wolverine keeps his trademark mask and receives the brown treatment this time around, as yellow never really worked for a ninja trained mutant super agent...Cyclops gets the basic outfit and classic colourway with a jacket as a personal touch and Colossus gets a costume reminiscent of his second sleeveless outfit with a touch of knee high boots on the pants.

Ill be adding the rest of the team soon with a few changes here or there as I go.

Let me know what you think.


X-Men (c) Marvel Comics

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