Monday, July 27, 2009

Spectrum Is Green

As you can probably tell by now,I enjoy revisiting characters I loved growing up and give them a bit of a makeover.

Next on my list is the Indestructible Captain Scarlet,the Mysterious Captain Black and err... Captain Blue.

This one proved quite difficult as the Spectrum uniform was very hard to improve,the hat being the only thing that needed a drastic update...and maybe the shoulder pads.I stuck with the general design and trimmed the fat a bit.I cant say I remember any Agent use that horizontal zipper pocket on their vests,so that had to goand I gave the undershirt and pants a knitted mesh texture to help differentiate it from the vest.The hat is now less a drivers hat and more of a helmet and the cuffs on the sleeves replace the Spectrum logo cuffs with a more functional watch/pda feeling to them.

The great thing about the costume,just like the show,is that a simple recolour here and there and you end up with a whole bunch of characters.

I also came up with a few alternate designs that I hope to have finished soon.

This is the first set of pics Ive worked on completely digitally;usually I draw and scan and then colour,however I thought Id give it a go this time,so let me know what you think.


Captain Scarlett (c) ITC Entertainment

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