Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And so it begins...

Hi there guys,

Its been a long time coming (some would say VERY LONG TIME),but my new blog is finally up on the webs...

So welcome to (duh duh da duh) Hiflyer Concepts;home to all my Concept Art,Character Designs and anything else Ive drawn.

My aim over time is to build a substantial collection of work,both professional and personal that shows my love for Concept Art and Character Design.

So sit back,relax and enjoy the cavalcade of art thats coming your way.

Also keep an eye out for ,my Custom and Kitbashed Action Figure blog coming very soon :)



  1. Wow i really suprised ! amazng work!!!! tel me dear u did that all in pencil or tablate?
    so nice work....

  2. oh ! i really interested to join with u tell me how to?
    my gmail is
    i ll b very greatful if u ans to me .thankxxx