Sunday, July 26, 2009


I recently got a glimpse of the upcoming GIJOE:Rise of Cobra movie and I gotta say,it could be the best worst movie of the year or worst best movie of the year.

Either way,Im just happy that Snake-Eyes looks wicked and mildly miffed that Storm Shadow is being played by a Korean dude with hair appeal.

In light of this,Ive had some Cobra redesigns floating around my head that needed to get out;the first of which is my streamlined Cobra Commander.

From left,Field Commander,Hooded Commander and Crimson Commander

I always thought Cobra Commander would be quite an eccentric character who liked a good dose of pomp and cicrumstance mixed with a bit menace,so I devised a simple Cobra motif that ties in with his whole costume and provides a sleek military look that can be easily dressed up or down.

The Field Commander has the classic helmeted look,but one that more closely resembles the old Cobra B.A.T. as the the metal cowl never really made much sense to me.

The standard Hooded Commander features more a classic Cobra colour scheme that suits more day to day use.

And finally,the Crimson Commander;for those much needed parades and Crimson Guard rallys.


Cobra Commander (c) Hasbro

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  1. This is all very practical... but could you do a fluro-beachtowel camo Cobra Commander? He would have stood out like a sore thumb with his plain blue suit in the 90's.