Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Superman through the ages

As part of my folio,in another "stroke of pure genius" I reimagined the top tier DC Comics Super-heroes in an alternate "Ultimate" universe where I could strip them back of years of continuity and start afresh in a manner that made sense(to me at least).

The first to get such treatment was of course Superman.As he was the first Superhero in the DC continuity of the time,he was the greatest inspiration for many if not all of the DC Superheroes that followed him.In order to redesign his classic costume into one that could be instantly recognisable and still transcend his famous look,I decided to do up a gallery of his suits from throughout his history.

From left,First Appearance,Golden Age and Fleischer

From left,Silver Age,Modern Age,Kingdom Come

From left,Regeneration Suit,Superman Blue and Superman Red.

From left,Superman Animated,Justice Lord and JLU

Three of my own designs,essentially filling in the design gaps between the Animated and JLU suits with my personal favourite in the middle.


Superman (c) DC Comics

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  1. good stuff,

    thats quite the exhaustive list of superman costumes

    I forgot he had the mullet for awhile there *shudder*